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Terms and Conditions of Job Post & Coin

Terms and Conditions of Job Post & Coin

  1. Terms and Conditions of Job Posting & Coin
    Where used in these terms and conditions the following words bear the following meaning:

    ‘Advertiser’ or ‘You’ means any Person who places a job advertisement on the Site.
    ‘Candidate Contact Details’ means a candidate’s name, contact phone number and email.
    ‘Coin’ means credits granted to advertisers who use to disclose personally identifiable information of personnel who entered posting job postings.
    ‘Expiry Date’ means a date chosen by JUSTJOB.
    ‘Job Advertisement’ means any type of advertisement for a job vacancy posted on the Site.
    ‘Person’ includes natural persons, bodies corporate, partnerships, associations, firms, governments and governmental authorities and agencies.
    ‘Site’ means http://hk.justjob.com/

  2. JUSTJOB will grant Coins to Advertisers for each Qualifying Job Package purchased. The amount of Coins granted will be dependent on the Qualifying Job Package purchased and will be specified in each relevant Advertiser’s invoice provided by JUSTJOB on the purchase of a Qualifying Job Package.

  3. During the period that a Qualifying Job Package is valid, an Advertiser is entitled to apply Coins received in respect of that Qualifying Job Package towards the use of job a posts.

  4. The number of Coins required to use of each jobs post will be as specified on each Advertiser’s job post management Portal. JUSTJOB reserves the right to change the number of Coins required for the use of each (or any) of the time to time, in which case JUSTJOB will provide Advertisers notice of such change by publishing notice for the change on the 30 days ago.

  5. Any Coins not utilised by an Advertiser once the relevant Qualifying Job Package has expired will immediately lapse.

  6. The job post management are not transferrable from one Advertiser to another.

  7. Where You use ‘Coin’, You acknowledge and agree that:

    Job Advertisements will expire after 30 days from using coin and then Advertiser cannot check candidate detail.
    You will only send jobs to candidates which relate to genuine employment opportunities advertised on the Site.
    If you use coins you will consume coins regardless of whether you apply for job offers.
    Recommend you always have coins to make it possible to respond quickly.

  8. You agree to at all times deal with any information provided through or accessed from the Site or candidates in a manner which abides by all applicable laws of Hong Kong, or of any other relevant jurisdiction (including, without limitation, privacy and copyright laws).

  9. The job post must only be used by You for the purposes of a genuine hiring process in respect of an employment opportunity for which You are currently recruiting; and not be used by You for the purposes of soliciting business from candidates and/or promoting products or services You offer other than in relation to a genuine hiring process. If JUSTJOB detects activity in breach of this clause we reserve the right to, at our ultimate discretion, suspend or limit your job Advertisements, immediately remove any active Job Advertisements You may have placed and/or to withdraw any Coins granted to You.

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